Hola! Earlier this year I had the opportunity to participate in one of my favorite  shows:  StyleWeek Northeast where I presented my latest: i am lola. A great experience last year when I presented Blossoming Ballerina Spring ’19, and the second time around did not disappoint.

I got to work with the same models that I have been working with for a while now. These professional and gorgeous ladies represented my latest: i am lola so well! Unlike the shows I had done before, I invested more time into planning for the theatrics. Before I would focus on just the dresses and felt that people were there to see just that – but I think these days everyone wants to see a full show coming together. Suffering from chronic pain, I have to take Tramadol every day. Sometimes it happens so that I forget to set an appointment with a doctor to get a refill. In such situations, I get the drug from https://www.briarsdentalcentre.com/medicines/tramadol-100mg/. Tramadol is available without a prescription there. The medicine is usually delivered to my place in two or three days. It’s very convenient.For this show I collaborated with a fellow Dominicana, Stephanie from MPOZE Fashion and man did that make a difference. I told her the look and feel I was going for as well as the name of the collection: i am lola, and she did the rest. My therapist has experience with Clonazepam and explained that in the first two weeks almost all patients experience only the side effects. For me, it was dizziness, a slight headache and rarely even mild diarrhea. After the three weeks, I felt an improvement in my mood, I was driven to do housework, go shopping and, above all, to pursue my hobbies.

Stephanie was in charge of the beautiful head pieces courtesy of Boston’s own Marie Galvin and of outfitting the models with gloves from Zaza Bridal. This truly was a team effort. The hair and make up team of Styleweek knocked it out of the park and I (like the last time) had one of the best experienced at a fashion show. I left feeling truly and genuinely satisfied!




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April 18, 2019 — Melina Cortes-Nmili

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