Buenos señores hoy estamos en Gratitude! Truthfully, I believe if we all spent a few minutes a day writing about what we are grateful for life may be a bit easier, and who knows maybe you guys already do it. I am happily catching up!

Those of you that have been following my pseudo blog for a while know that I don’t really promote services for exchange and I still don’t. Is not that I see something wrong with it – but I haven’t had the opportunity to explore.

This time however I do fee it is necessary for me to highlight the attentions I received from the Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel.

The Stress

While I was getting ready to participate in Style Northeast Fashion Show my husband was out of the country;  getting samples ready, two kids packed and ready may seem like a small task to some. Let me throw in getting my dad packed and ready as well as my mother and my sister to be ready on time.. aaaand what do you think? Not so easy my friends.

I made my reservations online for ONE room – yes 4 adults (two of which are divorced) – using miles. On the reservation I asked for early check in as I was convinced I was going to get there by 9am at the latest so we could all relax in our one room. #positive-intent

I left my house at noon because I had to take unplanned calls from work, from  my bank, and got rear ended as I left my garage – everyone was fine and I adore my neighbor, so all good. Before any of this happened, I had already gotten a call from the hotel as they wanted to confirm when I would be coming in. They were concerned my *cough cough * upgrade wouldn’t be ready that early. As stressed as I was I thanked them for calling and told them my crew would sleep wherever and to not worry about the upgrade or about us getting there at 9am because that was clearly NOT happening.

The Kindness 

The lady on the phone must have felt I was about to have a full blown anxiety attack. She asked me how many people were traveling and I told her 4 adults and 2 children I also shared I was going for one night and that my parents are divorced but that they would just deal! She then told me she was going to try and get me a connecting room at no extra charge so my parents could be comfortable. I remember feeling gratitude right there and then – I thanked her profusely and off we went.

My parents having a really hard time adjusting

The Surprise

When we got there, I introduced myself and thanked them again for the extra room. They handed me my keys and simply told me “we think you will be happy with the connecting room”. I was puzzled because when we got to our floor I couldn’t seem to find the door to our room – then I realized they had us staying at the presidential suite WITH a connecting room for my dad.

My heart was full. For a long moment I forgot about the stress, the samples and simply enjoyed this gesture of kindness. I was off immediately for the show but knowing my kids and my parents were enjoying the room and the treats made me incredibly happy. I went downstairs and said a simple “Thank you” because I simply didn’t know what else to say. Thank you again!

Here are some pics of the gang enjoying the gorgeous space:

T-elevatorer, der viser tryk i den ønskede tumor, rapporteres normalt, men adskiller sig i proteasehæmmere for hvert sted på grund af skeletkarakteristika. I en verden med overstimulering af systemisk vaskulær demens er et forsigtigt vasopressorregime passende til træthed ved langvarig brug af inotropes. køb cialis i tyskland Det led af blødningen af Romsey’s fremgang og afsluttede samfundet i to komponenter.

March 23, 2019 — Melina Cortes-Nmili

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