MELINA's story and brand philosophy

Melina Cortes-Nmili's path to founding Lalla Bee is a vivid tapestry of ambition, resilience, and visionary purpose. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Melina's beginnings were humble, her dreams anything but. From a young age, she harbored a deep-seated desire to make a mark on the world, initially imagining a future where she would empower women through entrepreneurship. This dream followed her as she navigated her way to the United States, carrying not just her aspirations but also an unwavering determination to succeed.


While pursuing her education and kickstarting her professional career, Melina encountered a personal challenge that would pivot her journey towards the fashion industry. In her search for professional attire that was both modern and unique, she discovered a significant gap in the market. High-quality, distinctive fashion was hard to come by, especially at a time when the cost of luxury began to outweigh its quality. It was during this period of frustration and discovery that the seeds for Lalla Bee were sown.


Reflecting on the inception of Lalla Bee, Melina shared, "It just came to me one day. I realized there was a significant need for something truly special for women. My vision has always been focused on those who are busy, those in executive roles, and those who cherish their appearance, recognizing a clear gap in the market. At a time when prices were climbing but quality was diminishing, I was compelled to act. It was about offering something of genuine quality and style."

Driven by this realization and her lifelong ambition to build a business that resonates with women's needs, Melina embarked on a journey to create Lalla Bee. She envisioned a brand that would stand at the crossroads of luxury and sustainability, offering pieces that not only elevate a woman's wardrobe but also tell a story of dedication, quality, and innovation. From navigating the complexities of the fashion industry to refining her brand's aesthetic, each step was a lesson in perseverance and passion.


Today, Lalla Bee is not just a fashion brand; it's a reflection of Melina's journey from the vibrant landscapes of the Dominican Republic to the bustling energy of the United States. It embodies her dream of empowering women through fashion that is as conscientious as it is beautiful. Through Lalla Bee, Melina continues to connect with women across the globe, offering them a slice of her dream—one that champions uniqueness, quality, and the timeless elegance of well-crafted fashion.

Brand philosophy: A testament to authentic beauty

Lalla Bee is Melina's homage to women everywhere who strive for excellence without sacrificing their unique identity. It stands as a beacon of creativity, sustainability, and timeless elegance, offering pieces that are meticulously crafted, reflecting the wearer's inner beauty and strength. Through Lalla Bee, Melina continues to share her passion, offering a slice of her dream to every woman who believes in the power of dressing their stories.

lalla bee Values






lalla bee is anchored in the values of Authenticity, Sustainability, and integrity. Our designs pay tribute to traditional artisanal craftsmanship, and the enduring spirit of the modern woman.


 We champion a fashion industry that builds community, embraces diversity, and enhances the wearer’s identity through clothing that speaks of both heritage and forward-thinking.

The Eclat Woman

Meet the Éclat Woman: bold, perceptive, and gracefully defiant. She crafts her destiny with intention, embedding her principles in every aspect of her life. For her, lalla bee’s collections serve as both shield and signature, perfectly balancing age-old traditions with innovative design. She embodies depth, creativity, and a relentless desire to effect positive change, making her an emblem of what it truly means to wear one’s values. The Éclat Woman ebodies the essence of lalla bee.

The lalla bee gown photographed above features a skirt constructed of a painting depicting Melina's upbringing in the Dominican Republic with portraits of her grandmother and herself as a child as representation of the Eclat woman. This gown is part of the velvet collection from 2024.

Bold dresses with a classic twist. 

A clothing label telling a story of strength, confidence, and passion.