I am a firm believer that a dress that is well made and fits well (and that you LOVE) is a great investment. Of course like everything else, dresses come at different price points and the price depends on a number of factors. The other day someone asked me what makes a dress a good investment… I thought about this for a few minutes then showed her some examples. My goal was to highlight how one piece can serve multiple purposes especially when accessorized appropriately.

For me it has always been important to buy pieces that can be worn in different settings. I am also more inclined to buy pieces that I can accessorize easily so it does not appear that I am wearing the same look over and over again. Sometimes the slightest change can give a dress you already have in your closet new life!

Recently I did a photo shoot in New York with the fabulous Federica Dall’orso and for this shoot I picked a couple of dresses from my Spring and Fall collection that I had already worn before and that others had worn and here are the results.



Lucia Dress
Lucia Dress – NY Photoshoot


Kate Taylor wearing the Lucia dress with a few added accessories.
Kate Taylor wearing the Lucia dress with a few added accessories. The belt really stands out on this dress.


The Anastasia dress is the perfect going out / dinner dress. It is classy, comfortable, sleeveless and the sleeves go in towards the shoulder more than a regular sleeveless dress. The drop waist accentuates the waist and the hips – overall a playful dress.

For a more conservative look I added a short black cardigan and (because work clothes doesn’t have to be boring) I decided to accentuate the look with a yellow string of pearls. Perfect for work!


Here are other clever ways to add to the look and make the most out of your investment!

Beeatrice Dress
Beeatrice Dress
Neha having fun playing Queen Bee added fun details to this dress with pearls, a clutch and killer shades!
Neha playing Queen Bee added fun details to this dress with pearls, a clutch and killer shades!





I would have said this dress didn’t need much else until I saw the same dress playing in perfect harmony with a short blazer and different shades of color purple and a white purse with a purple trim. Neha referred to this look as the perfect look for a Spring wedding guest.

Lolita Dress with Printed Lining
Lolita Dress with Printed Lining



The same Lolita dress! I have to say this lady took a risk and it paid off! For why, you ask? Well – this dress has a pretty busy lining and a very strong combinations colors (hot pink and yellow). It can be tricky to find the right touches for a dress like this, however, I think she nailed it. The shawl, the purse could not be more perfect, the shoes… everything here is working in my opinion.

Last but not least is the solid black Lolita dress. I love this dress because those of you who know me know I die for Black.  This type of dress you can choose to leave as is, or you can play up the look with the make up, or the shoes, belts, purse, you name it! Jennifer made this dress irresistibly sweet by adding a thin belt with a bow, a pearl clutch and finished it up with pink shoes… because pink is always IN. LOVE IT!

Solid Black Lolita Dress

untitled8jennnifer-lane-2and there you have it… my two cents about investing! Hope you’ve enjoyed it! Would love to hear from you – leave your feedback anytime!


Melina XO



September 08, 2016 — Melina Cortes-Nmili

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