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Part 2

 Hola raza! Como están? I have been busy at work and knee-deep in the development of  Spring 2017! I will be sharing some behind the scenes shots soon, promise…But for now let’s stick to our Fall 2016 Inspiration piece, so let’s get right to it.

We just sent this collection to production and I cannot wait for the pieces to be available at the specialty boutiques that have partnered with us. You will be able to access limited Fall pieces on our website as well!

For the 1st part of this blog topic, I introduced you to Morocco. I traveled there sometime ago, and kept so much of this country with me. It was a big inspiration as a designer and as a human being. I remember one day my husband and I were trying to find a good place to eat in Marrakech, we stopped a gentleman and asked him for a recommendation… he was dead set on bringing us to his house to eat and promised that his wife would cook a delicious meal for us.  We politely declined, but that experience has always stayed with me.

Alright enough about me… back to colors, prints and fall!

In Style - Taxi Ride
In Style – taxi ride

Ok I lied… now back to topic


Hard at Work
Fall 2016 Inspiration: Hard at work

One of the attractions is to get your hands and / or feet painted with henna. Henna from what I understand is very commonly used for special occasions such as wedding. I did not get a chance to get it done – but I did observe the styles these ladies come up with on the spot and they are really something to look at. They are absolutely beautiful. I incorporated this art in a couple of designs for Fall:

Mixing Old Tradition with Modern
Mixing old tradition with modern

I also used this print on a more classic style with a fuller / longer skirt

...and I Loved the Results
…and I loved the result

The mosaic prints were everywhere and was probably one of the arts I spent the most time observing. I saw it in buildings, pottery, markets, mosques, you name it.

Hallway of The Hassan II Mosque
Fall 2016 Inspiration: Hallway of The Hassan II Mosque

This was by far the most impressive place I visited! It is almost overwhelming to be here. The architecture is nothing short of magnificent. I was lucky enough to be able to go inside and see the walls, the ceilings, the light features, and it really just took my breath away.

This was an extra special experience because on this day, I was able to meet with my bestie and partner in crime Valerie who was visiting Casablanca for a day! We had about ten hours to get into as much trouble as we possibly could – Val and I made sure to visit a Cafe named after that famous movie and somehow we managed to cause a power outage before we left… but I digress. No one was hurt.

You really can’t see it too well in this picture, but the designs you see on the ceiling are differently sized prints that connect together creating a perfect harmony of what looks like tiles.

Plate received as a gift
Plate received as a gift

This plate is currently on display in my kitchen – you can easily spend hours upon hours  admiring the different handcrafts stores in Morocco.

My version of mosaic prints: Color / Black & White

Multicolor mosaic print
Multicolored mosaic print


Classic Hi/Lo with multicolor printed lining
Classic Hi/Lo with multicolored printed lining
Added a fun twist to a classic
Added a fun twist to a classic
Black & White Mosaic
Black & White mosaic

That’s it! I hope you all have enjoyed these snapshots and the history behind them! Whenever we are involved in the type of work that involves an audience, I believe it to be imperative for said audience to have some idea of “what was she thinking when she came up with this?”  I love to be able to design and speak about the beautiful world around me – even when it takes me a little while to see the true beauty in certain world situations!  I would love to hear from you! If you have feedback, send it my way!



July 17, 2016 — Melina Cortes-Nmili

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