Let’s get wild: Spring/ Summer 2016

As an emerging designer preparing to launch my line is no small task not to mention nerve testing! Maybe the process is easy as pie for some, for me while it has been a beautiful process of conceptualizing my thoughts and ideas into actual pieces it has also involved a lot of hard work. Of course when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work…but between us there are times when the work is not so glamorous and then YES it does feel like work for like five minutes!
Anyway…let’s get back on track! For my Spring 2016 launch I wanted to present me, naked, as I am to the world. My childhood was very sheltered but freeing at the same time – does that make sense? Probably not! I grew up in the Caribbean but did not learn how to swim until I was in my 30s because my mother was afraid of the water, however, I probably had more contact with nature on a daily basis than most kids do today.
Nature was exciting, colorful, sometimes wild, full of unexpected shapes – it was a visual escape! That’s it! It is truly amazing how sometimes we don’t know the significance certain things will have in our lives until we’ve had time to actually grow and live!
You will soon be able to see a glimpse of my very own nature – it is my hope we can escape together…
Until soon



August 14, 2015 — Melina Cortes-Nmili

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