I looooooove that song! I was going to do a post about StyleWeek Northeast which was AMAZING – but first I felt it was important that I start at the beginning… and what is that beginning? By (drumroll pleaaaaaaaaaase) letting you guys know that for the first time it felt needed for me to name my collection.

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The name of this dress collection is personal and this collection came I to admit from a place of darkness. it was an interesting period in my life. And isn’t it nice to know what we can make art and we can use our creative outlet to let our whatever raw feelings we may be feeling inside? I hope you enjoy….





This experience was made possible by:

Ballerina: Silken Kelly

Video & Edit: Francisco Santiago

Hair and Make Up: Norah Salazar 

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October 04, 2018 — Melina Cortes-Nmili

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