Hi everybody! I hope everyone had an awesome thanksgiving around family and friends. This time I wanted to write a little bit about some of the behind the scene moments in my day to day. While scenes at work on the corporate spectrum tends to go a bit slower during the holidays, those of you who like me are working to get a business off the ground are probably working harder than ever today. Preach it sister!

Recently I had the pleasure to have a photography student offer to shoot me at my design studio where I do most of my work. She needed to borrow a couple of styles for an assignment and honestly I don’t think I was part of the assignment but she was kind enough to include me and I had a blast.

Enter Jessie Southwick.


Jessie arrived promptly at the agreed upon time and in what seems like seconds she was set up and ready to go. I had tried to organize my mess but she advised to pretend as if she was not there and just go on about my day. I am one of those people that cannot ignore it when I am being photographed, I don’t know the meaning of “candid photo” and I don’t know how to look “relaxed” in pictures  so I kept looking up at her. It was actually quite funny.

The day she visited I was going over the semi final selection of fabrics for FW2017 (As of today that selection is pretty final, YAYYYYYY) you can expect to see a very interesting mix of fabrics not just in the collection as a whole but in individual pieces as well. I’m finding that as I continue to grow as a designer, I am becoming more daring with my designs; more open to trying new things.

A few minutes into the shoot it occurred to me to invite my son, Omar, to join since he is usually around my feet when I am working. Bad Idea. Omar is a natural and when we were done, Omar wasn’t quite done yet. It took effort to convince the kid to go back downstairs, but he sure made the shoot more fun.




Here is one of Jessie’s styled photos which she was kind enough to share. I love the aesthetics of this picture and looking at it I am taken back to the country, nature and I feel relaxed. I was impressed that Jessie chose this dress and went with this theme without knowing much about my background. Those of you who have been following know the beeatrice dress was the staple of my first collection and very much defines a big part of who I am.




Isn’t this a lovely shot? THANK YOU Jessie!!!!

I hope you all enjoy this entry and I will be in touch soon!




December 07, 2017 — Melina Cortes-Nmili

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