Boston Fashion Week: Past, Present, Future

Celebration of 25 Years of Service to the community

PUBLISHED: September 22, 2019 at 6:20 pm

Boston Fashion Week celebrates its 25th anniversary this week as a platform for upcoming designers — and building a strong identity for Boston in an artistic and commercial realm dominated by New York.

On Sunday, the main event opened at the Mandarin Oriental showcasing a digital fashion photo installation, a fashion show and an introduction to virtual reality by executive director and founder Jay Calderin.

“It’s the sense of community,” said Calderin. “Every day we are making a living, trying to express ourselves through our work, and this is the one time a year we have the opportunity to not only show off our work, but to support one another.”

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How Boston Fashion Week Evolved Beyond Models and Runways highlights – Boston Fashion Week

September 18, 2019

Boston Fashion Week opens at the Mandarin Oriental on Sunday, with a fashion show, digital photo installation, and an introduction to fashion in virtual reality. The 25th edition of this local style celebration continues with a week of varied events connecting Boston’s design talent with the broader community.

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Melin & Jackie Take LA!

Funnest and quickest trip of 2018

We got to partake in some Daytime Emmy activities while rocking dresses from previous collections as well as up and coming collections. Proving once again that Timeless Elegance is here to stay! Me: Lucia Dress – Spring 2016; Jackie wearing Brigitte from our Fall 2018 collection.

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Faride Raful

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Ramona Dress - Fall 2018

Andrea Poisson DeLucia

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Mariposa Dess - Fall 2018

Mariasela Alvarez

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Anastasia Dress - Fall 2016
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Hannah Dress - Fall 2017
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Coqueta Dress - Fall 2016
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Melina: Mara Dress - Spring 2017
Mariasela: Meli Dress - Fall 2016

Diana Filpo

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Lola Dress - Fall 2018

Thea Austin

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Lolita Dress - Fall 2016

Chirin Ashkar

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Querida Dress - Fall 2016 Collection.

Kate Taylor

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Lolita Hi/Lo Dress - Fall 2016
From office to cocktails - Bodycon Lucia Dress
Lucia Dress- Spring 2016

Federica D'AllorsoEditorial Photoshoot

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Jennifer RamirezFashion Influencer

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