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When it comes to career paths, most people decide to settle down and follow a traditional business road, others just settle. Melina Nmili refused to settle for anything less than passion, excitement and following her true calling. For her, this calling comes in the form of her fashion brand: Lalla Bee.

“My brand stands for the belief that no matter what your past is, or what circumstances you have had to overcome – you are strong, you are graceful, and you are a queen.” Hearing Melina Nmili talk, I couldn’t help but sit up straighter. Her character reminded me of her past, vibrant, warm and despite challenges, having headed towards progress.

Fashion designer and self-made women Melina Nmili is as enticing as her fashion collection.  Lalla Bee’s structured silhouettes, colorful palettes, and painstaking attention to detail reflect the values and struggles of her past. Rather than following the latest trends in fashion, Melina’s designs are intentionally timeless. She believes that every strong and beautiful woman should own a luxurious, classic, yet contemporary piece that never goes out of style.

It is truly inspiring to meet those that overcome odds and strive to empower others. BELLArecently caught up with the fashion designer to discuss her road to success, the core belief behind her brand and what true beauty means to her.

June 19, 2019 — Melina Cortes-Nmili