There is no place like home ..


Boston is home. Boston to me represents freedom, dreams coming to reality, and freedom… oh wait I already said that. Beantown is everything! my mom and sisters live here and if i were any closer to them we would be married, ew. I met my husband AND my besties (all 3 of them) in Boston! Howevah…. there is DR. When I say there is no place like home I am usually referring to either Boston or DR.

DR for those of you who don’t know is short for Dominican Republic and it is the only country I recognize as my place until I was 12 years old. I think I have said this before, I am from a tiny little town called San Jose de Los Llanos which is a “pueblo” of San Pedro de Macoris- one of the eastern provinces in the country and known for their tobacco production.

Anywho… so what’s the point? well I am soon going to be in the Dominican Republic participating as a designer in Dominican Republic Fashion Week 2017. Ok folks, I am going to try and play it cool because I would like to think that I am cool… but not so much. This is a HUGE fucking deal for me!

Hello everyone, I have been taking xanax 5mg for 2 weeks! Then the dose was increased to 10 mg for about 3 weeks. I have experienced severe side effects, headache, tiredness, diarrhea, reduced appetite, depression, anxiety, etc. which I had before except (diarrhea) but became significantly stronger.

How did I get here? Well, I met Albania Rosario. Albania is a leader in the fashion industry. She is originally from the Dominican Republic as well but has lived in New York for most of her adult life. Albania is the founder and creative director of Uptown Fashion Week and she also serves as a bridge for international designers presenting their collections during DRFW.


Albania is not only a beautiful women but has also been so incredibly helpful to emerging designers that like myself want to branch out to international markets.

Another reason I am looking forward to DRFW17 is because I get to spend time with my bestie and business partner Wendys Olivo:


Wendys is a kick ass interior designer, happens to by my cousin and has also been my right hand woman throughout all of this. Anytime I felt like giving up and didn’t, it was mostly because of her. I cannot wait to spend some time with this super talented super chica.. who again happens to be related to me… ahem!

Anyway – Dominican Fashion Week will be showcasing many fabulous designers! I will be sure to post lots of pis of my experience here and cannot wait to participate in my first fashion show there! Truly feel blessed!!! YAYYYYYYY







June 26, 2017 — Melina Cortes-Nmili

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