lalla bee featured as part of Animated Influencer series: The Charmsters
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By Amanda Ringel

2020 Arts & Culture Issue

Created by Independent Handbag Designer Awards’ founder, Emily BlumenthalThe Charmsters are a close-knit tribe of animated influencers that are ethnically diverse and represent the next girl-power generation looking to have their voices heard. The DNA of The Charmsters is in the diversity, inclusivity, and girl empowerment for all ages. This realistic and non-stereotypical girl squad fills the void lacking within the media, tech, food, fashion, and toy landscape that is long overdue, especially in the current climate.

The Charmsters are STEAM-based, each encompassing skills based in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. There is a Charmster for everyone, validating the fact that representation matters on all levels. Despite their differences, The Charmsters have one common goal and that is to succeed as a team, which is why they bring joy and smiles wherever they go. These animated characters are the antidote for what 2020 has brought us so far.

May 30, 2022 — Melina Cortes-Nmili