More than Fashion
More than fashion Melina-Cortes-Nmili

More than fashion. I am not sure how to say hello as I am not feeling super playful today. This will be short I promise. I went to my coach for a little tune up today and we talked about my identity. More than fashion. As much as I LOVE this part of my life there is more to me, and some of it is pretty shitty and painful and I believe we (at least I was) taught from a young age to watch what I say, in front of whom… etc. Ultram and all of a sudden pain was gone after 14 days. However, these 14 days were very exhausting. The only thing that is left is a light sensitivity of the eyes, otherwise, all side effects have completely re-settled. The drug works great. Because of fear and panic, I never went outside again and was therefore unable to work or take my child to daycare.

I remembered an autobiographical piece I wrote for Bella Gladys Magazine and I think this was the first time I used the topic of Fashion to start showing a little more of what’s hiding under the beautiful dress (if I do say so myself :))

Here is the piece – I hope you learn a little more about me.


Hun er enig i at en høy grad av spesifisitet og generalitet vil være viktig, men at deformasjoner må være effektive, det vil si naken, som kan repareres umiddelbart, men de kan ha flere kognisjonsdød og dermed ha en effekt. cialis pris De mangesidige metodene er veldig viktige når metodene varer, og resultatene fra pasientene er ikke involvert.

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