The Power of Words – Part I

Hola chic@s!!! Como están? As you  know I was part of WBUR SOLD OUT Diversity on the Runway show a couple of weeks ago and as promised here are some behind the scenes… this one is about the power of words! There is too much content for one post… patience little heart 🙂 ah Fine! here is a little video about the show.


During my preparation to participate in Dominicana Moda I started the process by asking myself: How can I make this about more than fashion? How can I make this even more meaningful? Personal? You see, some have told me that I am not a designer at heart because I talk too much about more than just fashion and I disagree. I think Art means something different to all of us and how we choose to use it is up to us. Hopefully our intent to do something positive and to carry a positive message with our art is something we all have in common.

anyway back to DR… so for this show as I was sourcing fabric I found this beautiful swatch with writing on it. It was pretty cool but those who know me I tend not to settle for simple and it is in my DNA (much to my husband’s dismay) to make things complicated.  I had the brilliant idea to customize the fabric with words of my own – better yet, the words of women I admire.

This was the result

Then comes Diversity on the Runway. For this show I planned to use head turbans for all the models as a way to create cohesiveness, to bring attention to diversity and how wonderfully different we all are. I brought this fabric not knowing but praying that it would work with the dresses I had chosen for the show and for the models…I always try to match models with what the feel comfortable; it is important to me that they have fun at the show. always.

Enter Elizabeth

…till next time