Gratitude – Part I


Photo: Myke Yeager Photography


Hola! and to those I have not seen in a while “Happy New Year!”

This will be short and sweet… and bare with me, it is all about gratitude (even though it may not start that way :)) So 2018 was a year of growth and by this I mean it was the year of “wth is happening right now?” January – Septemberish it was business as usual, going with the flow, trusting the process, etc.

Towards the end of last year I started to get really strong thoughts just suddenly coming to me about areas of my life / my business / relationships… I didn’t quite know what they meant at the time but after a little digging and some self-work I came to  out Mrs. Intuition had been hard at work and waiting for me to pay attention.

October – December A LOT changed. The post would be way long if I went into detail about everything I made the conscious decision to change in order to better align my goals with my reality. I will share that I decided to first and foremost do what makes sense to me and not the world around me – I decided (with help) with try making decisions not out of fear but based on what made my heart happy even if it meant taking a greater risk….so far, so good.


to be continued.





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